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Olivier LeBrun

After years of experience as a studio hairstylist in the fashion industry, Olivier Lebrun has become a master at this highly competitive art. Olivier began styling and cutting hair in chic Parisian salon where he learned about the subtle ways in which to allow a woman to better express herself through hair. Always fascinated by the world of fashion, Olivier met a freelance makeup artist who helped introduce him to the world of editorial and runway.

Understanding the salon and fashion worlds to be unique unto themselves, Olivier left his chair behind and summarily began spending time assisting the most prestigious names in Parisian hair. A lightning quick study who picked up on the cutting-edge techniques and timeless tricks of the greats, Olivier proved a star in the making. The process was incredibly demanding, but this trial-by-fire helped him to understand the rules and techniques that would become a foundation for the expression of his deep talent. The training was by no means only technical, however. Many lessons about teamwork and collaboration were to follow, and one crucial truth about the art of fashion became evident to the young hairstylist: the final result is all that matters- whatever it takes to get there is irrelevant.

Today, in Lebrun’s work can be seen the culmination of a long lineage of masters- his touch and finesse bring to mind many of the greats of the art. His ease with any style or medium- be it manipulating tissue paper into fantastical shapes for the cover of Numeró or executing a simple ponytail for a runway show- makes evident that a new creative presence has arrived to make the fashion world take notice. When not globetrotting around the world for clients like Chanel, Cartier and Shiseido, Olivier can be found whiling away the hours hard at work in his Paris atelier, like a scientist in his laboratory, experimenting with new materials and techniques. His hairstyling philosophy is that what he has executed in the past does not necessarily hold interest for future projects and so newer, more exciting concepts must always be a part of his repertoire. Posessed of a hungry and singular talent always in need of fresh inspiration, one can only watch and hope to learn.

Olivier splits time between London and Paris.

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